CognitopiaSpecial Offer

CognitopiaSpecial Offer

CognitopiaSpecial Offer


Only $108/year
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Includes you, your child, and any other supporters you desire. Secure your spot for training today. Sign up and we will contact you by email to schedule your 1st Private Coaching session.

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One solution for a parent to support their child, who is also supported by other Family Members, Teachers, BCBA’s, Coaches, Therapists, etc.

  • 1 Supported Person
  • 100 supporters
  • Support Hub - All ability to remotely help and connect
  • SAVE Time & Money

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$9/month x 12 months = $108/year


Because of staff changes and challenges… We decided Cognitopia was the answer!… 

The two best parts of Cognitopia are the ease of set up and use as well as the ability to add and remove items as Vincent’s life evolves. We recently had an IEP meeting to connect about how Vincent is making progress. In the draft, I was pleased to see information referenced from his Cognitopia online profile!

– Cristen Carson Reat
Co-Founder and Program Director of, a program of Easter Seals Greater Houston
Photo of Cristen Reat and her son