Cognitopia Think Work: How to Write an Elevator Pitch

Cognitopia Routine, Write an Elavator Pitch and QR Code

Whether it’s a job you’re trying to get or a personal story you want to tell, knowing how to prepare an “elevator pitch” is a valuable skill. An elevator pitch is a brief, clear description of your work goal or idea anyone can understand in the thirty seconds it might take to share an elevator ride.

 Use Cognitopia’s routine tool below to learn all of the steps to create an effective elevator pitch. This skill can assist you in expressing yourself and connecting with the people who can help you succeed in work and in life.

OPEN THE How to Write an Elevator Pitch ROUTINE HERE:

image of a person controlling an elevator
Use Cognitopia’s Routine Tool to learn a new task. In this case, “How to Write an Elevator Pitch.” Share the link with others who might benefit. Image Courtesy: Envato Elements


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