Powell’s Books Showcasing Neurodivergent Stories and Texts

Powell’s Books, the long-standing bastion of the printed word in Portland, Oregon, always seems to be on the right path. Powell’s latest move to create a new display of stories and texts centered on neurodivergence is simply wonderful and fantastically inclusive. In the words of Powell’s bookseller Rin S.:

One of my goals as a bookseller is to present the topic of neurodivergence and disability in an accessible and celebratory light instead of a clinical and intimidating one. I hope through introducing these books, that someone knows themself, their friends, colleagues, and/or children better than they did before by seeing people like them in fictional and nonfictional accounts.”

Rin S. – Powell’s Books
This colorful and celebratory display of neurodivergent texts and stories at Powell’s creates normalcy and moves away from the more clinical treatment that is often seen. Image Courtesy: Powell’s Books

Having a wide variety of stories to choose from in the neurodivergent realm is wonderful. With both fictional and non-fiction available, neurodivergent people can find themselves celebrated, intra-story, helping to create a sense of inclusion and normalcy. Hat’s off to Powell’s Books!

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