Where’s Cognitopia? Holiday Visual Challenge #3

Cognitopia logo mark.
Find all 6 of these logos in the photo below. Warning: They are different colors!

The holidays are upon us and what better time to test, once again, your “Where’s Cognitopia?” skills on a holiday-themed tree! If this is your first try with one of our visual challenges, the goal is simple. Try to find each of the (6) Cognitopia logos hidden in the picture. Each logo is a different color, allowing it to blend into the background better, however all are the same size.

Use the helpful hints if needed, including “SOLUTION” pictures if you can’t find one or all. See how long it takes to find all 6 and challenge your friends!

At the right is the symbol you’ll be looking for, which will be a good bit smaller (as in about 1/10th), and certainly different colors:

So how long did it take you to find all 6?

If this is proving tough, try some of our hints below. There are image SOLUTIONS for each hint if you get stuck. There is also an ALL SOLUTIONS image button below if you want to see all 6! Good luck!

Oh said the adventurer, “Find the treasure in the trees of the Southwest!!” Click here for this solution if you’re really stuck!

It’s something that holds a tree and your luggage on an old ship! Click here for this solution if you’re really stuck!

Well, I hope that was fun! Look for another visual challenge soon. And if you missed the first installment of this VISUAL CHALLENGE series, here’s a link to enjoy!

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