Using Goal Guide to Find Yourself

Cognitopia stated out as an idea, much like a seed, now it has grown into a beautiful tree with flourishing branches that give ideas, encouragement and motivation.

My name is Davan Overton and I have worked with Cognitopia for some years now through 4J Connections program and through an internship as well.

I remember Cognitopia when it first started, just words and checkmarks. Now it has become something new, something fresh yet familiar. But what is a good idea without inspiration? In the Goal Guide app, you can now share your data and progress, add pictures that you want, and it can only get better from here.

While I have used Goal Guide to help me with my fitness work, there is really no limit on how the app can be used. I have also used it for behavioral purposes and many other things.

Cognitopia will help you find what you really want to do and get out of your rut, if you are in one that is. The employees there will give you fresh ideas and don’t be afraid to give them yours.

Goal Guide will help you find you, and who knows you better then yourself? But you have to let the app help you. You are doing the work, you have to get off your butt and evolve into the person you want to be.

Remember, you have to do most of the work, the technology is just the fuel and you are the engine.

Davan OvertonAbout Davan:
Where do I start with my biography? The beginning, I guess. I was born on February 1996. My parents and doctors thought I was normal at first. But after my parents noticed that I was developing at a slower pace then most infants they took me into the doctors once again. There they found a Dandy Walker tumor on the back of my spine. The doctors gave me three years. During those three years, as if by a miracle, my tumor dried up and became inactive. After school was when I really started to excel. I became more social, I got this amazing job and I’m public speaking—yep life has become pretty good.

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